His job specifically had a hand in every department of athletics i.e., marketing, equipment, operations, and travel that showed him the scope of how each league functions.

Individually Connor has managed over $20 million worth of footwear and athletic apparel alone that he has distributed to players and staff of various teams while serving as Equipment Director for Southern Methodist University and UMass Amherst.

Combined with this he maintained relationships with business vendors like Schutt and Riddell who worked with Connor to outfit players in the right protective equipment to limit risk of concussions and CTE.

In Connor’s nine years of athletic experience so far, he has seen over 30 players go to the NFL like Maryland’s Stefon Diggs and Florida’s Kyle Pitts to name a few. Combined with this is five bowl appearances as a staff member of various schools including back-to-back Peach Bowl and Orange Bowl wins as a Graduate Assistant for the Univesrity of Florida football from 2018-2019.